Will Rogers – Blogger

Will Rogers would have been a phenomenal blogger.  I find myself thinking from time to time about different people throughout history and what their preferred method of social media would have been.  No doubt about it, Groucho Marx would have been addicted to Twitter.  Walt Disney would have probably been an early adopter of Facebook.


The best bloggers:

  • Connect with a broad audience –  In 1932 Will was asked to speak at both the Democratic and the Republican national conventions.  A practice that would be unheard of today.
  • Post regularly – From 1926 to 1935, Will’s Daily Telegrams appeared in newspapers across the country.  Think about it.  A daily column for 9 years.
  • Are both thoughtful and thought provoking – It’s easy to see from his writing and his performances that he had a firm grasp on the problems of the times while never being offensive.

Below is a post, or at least a post I imagine, excerpted from Will’s essay titled Bacon, Beans, and Limousines, which was given as a speech before a Herbert Hoover radio address.  I think it could stand alone as a blog post, even today.  It’s funny (and sad) how some topics never go out of style.

These people that you are asked to aid, why they are not asking for charity, they are naturally asking for a job, but if you can’t give them a job why the next best thing you can do is see that they have food and the necessities of life. You know, there’s not a one of us has anything that these people that are without it now haven’t contributed to what we’ve

got. I don’t suppose there is the most unemployed or the hungriest man in America that hasn’t contributed in some way to the wealth of every millionaire in America. It was the big boys themselves who thought that this financial drunk we were going through was going to last forever. They over-merged, and over-capitalized, and over-everything else. That’s the fix that we’re in now.



F. Roosevelt, Hyde Park, NY – Mr. Rogers, you have captured the very issue at hand in the nation today.  What the country needs is not the same policies and practices that got us into this mess.  It needs a new deal.  Hey, there’s an idea!

W. Guthrie, Somewhere between OK and CA
– Keep spreading the message.  The good people I meet here on the road are hearing you loud and clear.  It makes them smile and that’s a currency that never loses value.

H. Hoover, Washington, DC – I’m doing the best I can.

Thanks for setting the bar so high, Will.