Looking Back and Looking Ahead

I’m not really a new year’s resolution type of person, but a good friend passed a link to me that had Woody Guthrie’s list from 1942.  I loved the list as much as I have always admired the man who wrote them.

The whole thing got me to thinking about 2011.  What the year meant to me, and what the new year will bring.  I waited a couple of weeks, just to make sure we were clear of the last year, but here are my thoughts.  My year can be summed up in one word, turmoil.  The year started with so much promise, but quickly turned into one of the most challenging I’ve had in a long while.  I had relationships that changed.  I had people who left my day-to-day life.  In both of those cases, some of the changes were hopefully temporary, and unfortunately, some were permanent.

In hindsight, it wasn’t all bad either.  There were good things that happened.  I was able to reconnect with some old friends I hadn’t seen in a very long time.  I made new friends who were strangers one day, and dear friends the next.  One of our businesses was selected as the third fastest growing company in the corridor for 2010, and I started another business with a close friend.  I’m most proud and happy about that endeavor, because it brings so much joy to the people who use it.

So, looking forward, this is my list of things that I don’t resolve to do, but will try my best to focus on in 2012.

  • Continue to look for and find the good in people
  • Keep working on me.  Mentally, physically, and soulfully.
  • Avoid ATM fees
  • Read
  • Write
  • Stop, be still, and listen to what the world is telling me from time to time
  • Be a better friend, partner, co-worker, and family member
  • Eat my vegetables
  • And to steal from Woody, Keep the hoping machine running!